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English Courses


Pegaso International provides language training through its internal Language Centre, a multilingual environment that offers a range of English courses designed for international students, who wish to attend a degree programme but feel not really confident with their level of English.

Class levels

A1 (Elementary)
A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
B1 (Intermediate)
B2 (Upper Intermediate)
C1 (Advanced)
C2 (Proficiency)

Our A1 – C2 English courses are designed to help students make fast progress in English, and focus on the four key language skills – writing, reading, listening and speaking. The core of the English programmes to be offered will be English for Specific Purposes Courses (ESP) as well.

Mission, Vision and Values: The predominant scope behind the Language Centre aims at establishing the foundations for us to become a leading force in the ELT industry within a very reasonable and foreseeable future.

English is one of the two official languages in Malta thanks to the historic 160-year period when Malta was a British colony, which means that English is engrained in both language and customs.  Street names are still in English, many shop names are in English, and the main newspapers are printed in English.  One can even find some British post boxes and telephone booths on our streets. Many British people never moved back to the United Kingdom and decided to settle down in Malta.
Malta has always had very special cultural and commercial links with England, and the relations are still very, very strong. Our country is a very active member of the Commonwealth - made up of 53 countries, mostly former territories of the British Empire - representing over 2.3 billion people worldwide.
The Maltese are famous for being truly bi-lingual – speaking fluently in English and Maltese.
Malta also has an excellent climate, offering you the possibility of combining learning with a short vacation. Come to Malta and experience warm Mediterranean hospitality blended perfectly with Anglo-Saxon traditions.


Here are two great reasons: globalisation and the Internet. Communication is everything. This fast-paced, ever-changing world demands good command of English from everyone – from students, travellers to professionals and executives. Our General English course is specifically designed for students who want to improve their ability to communicate fluently in English in their life. On completion of this course, participants will communicate better in English, thereby will improve their chances of finding a better job, will feel more confident while travelling and will have better relationships at work or with clients (internal and external). Participants will also gain tips and insights that will aid them in various life scenarios, like how to make a booking or write a complaint.


Our English for Specific Purposes courses are designed for students who want to improve their ability to work professionally in English in different highly specialised business sectors. These courses are designed to assist ICT professionals, educators, business administrators, sportsmen and coaches, lawyers or civil engineers to communicate more effectively in English, focusing specifically on English vocabulary, skills and systems needed for the chosen discipline. On completion of this course, participants will communicate better in English, thereby improving relationships at work or with clients (internal and external). Participants will also gain tips and insights that will aid them in various work scenarios, such as when participating in decision-making meetings, conference calls, or collaborative problem-solving sessions.

 Special Features of these courses:

  • Introduce genuine language practised in authentic contexts
  • Provide specific language listening and reading comprehension materials
  • Are designed for sector-specific relevance and purpose
  • Include a high level of learner participation
  • Have a systematic and comprehensive approach to language practice
  • Provide students with a glossary of terms that are sector specific and useful to professionals
  About ICT Professionals
  About English Educators
  About Business Administrators
  About Sportsmen and Coaches
  About Jurisprudence
  About Civil Engineering

Nowadays everything is done online – shoppingfor clothes or groceries, booking a holiday or a table at a restaurant, but most of the business is done online too – look at marketing, stock
exchange, research, even TV moved online! It goes without saying that most of studying and learning happens online too, so why not English language learning?!

You Learn

  • by watching our engaging and interactive video-lessons
  • by following each exercise with instant feedback!
  • by choosing when to pause the video and when to continue
  • by choosing when and where you will do your homework (written and oral)
  • by talking to your tutors and peers on our platform, both in writing and via video call

It cannot get more flexible than this!
We offer great tutors and great materials!

This fast-paced, ever-changing technological world demands good command of English from all professionals and executives, no matter where you are!

With our online English courses, you can:

  • LOCATION study wherever you are – at home, in your office or on the bus!
  • FLEXIBILITY learn at your own pace - you can pause the video lessons or play it as many times as you like
  • OPTIONS you can choose from a wide variety of courses, you can mix and match the courses you need
  • QUICK and EASY registration, you only need to do our online test – link
  • CONSTANT SUPPORT thanks to our online platform, you will never feel alone! Our tutors will be available to help you with any questions, will check your homework or even talk to you online!

Follow these ten easy steps:

  1. Do the online test
  2. Sign up for a course of your choice
  3. Request access to the course materials
  4. Watch the videos – each unit is around 15 min long
  5. Do the exercises and homework assignments – send them to our platform
  6. After each section, do the self-checking test
  7. If you feel that you need more – speak to your tutor, participate on our forum and join the peer discussions!
  8. Study from the field related glossary
  9. Receive a certificate at the end!

Who you ask? Me, you, they, everyone!
If your situation at home does not allow you to study at a language school or abroad!
If you have a degree in a specialised field but your English is a bit rusty!
If you want to continue studying or further your career in a foreign country but you lack field related English vocabulary and expressions!
If you are planning to move to an English-speaking country!
If you cannot afford to study abroad!
If you have strong, reliable Internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile!

With our Language Centre:

  • you learn faster
  • learn without leaving your home
  • lessons are more specialised, do not follow the “one size fits all” rule
  • lessons are convenient and comfortable
  • you control the speed of your learning
  • you spend less – time and money!