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Law, Education and Development
Please note that the former Ph.D. in Law, Education and Development is now closed and, therefore, further enrolments are no longer possible and shall NOT be entertained.
This has been substituted by the current Ph.D. in " Sustainable Development " reflecting the developments and requirements of the times and on which interested, prospective students are welcome to enrol.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the principal research degree with a duration of three years and addressed to Master's graduate students. The Ph.D. graduate program emphasizes research work, therefore you will be expected to follow a scientific educational pathway which includes the direct involvement in research activities, seminars and scientific internships, guided by experts of the disciplines.

The Ph.D. course intends to supply proficient competencies, necessary for professional research activities requiring specialized qualifications, excellent scientific knowledge and, therefore, the acquisition of scientific investigation methods and techniques.

  • to provide in-depth knowledge of ethical issues relevant to the chosen area of research;
  • to foster the student’s commitment to Lifelong Learning and continuing self-education;
  • to develop general principles of research methodology, as well as competences of the appropriate analytical and experimental skills appropriate to the chosen study area;
  • to develop the ability to present and convey information and to discuss and defend such a presentation in oral and written form (including the presentation of seminars and the writing of reports suitable for publication in a journal);
  • to provide a research environment that encourages the contribution of independent, original thoughts

To be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. programme at Pegaso International, you must hold a relevant Master's degree or equivalent qualifications officially recognized.

For further information on our Ph.D. course or to receive support on the enrolment procedures, please contact:
Mail: dottorato@pegasointernational.eu
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3 Years
Tuition Fee
6.000 euro if paid in a single instalment or 2.500 euros per year
Study method
Within November 30, 2020
Starting activities
December 2020
Call for Application