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Country Managers

Country Managers

Country Managers are centres representing Pegaso International worldwide and spreading its values and principles. They play an active role in the dissemination, engagement and access in academic education and help students to choose the study path that best suits to them, as well as assist them with administrative procedures.

Country Managers are former educational providers, recognised and licensed in their own countries, and therefore educational centers with grounded knowledge of the territory and in line with the requirements of quality and reliability. Country Managers may include the following entities:

  • Private or public organizations;
  • Companies;
  • Associations;
  • Training/recruiting agencies;

provided that they meet the logistic, professional and deontological requirements established by Pegaso International.

Country Manager are Institutions different from Pegaso International and licensed for carrying out didactic orientation activities, enrolment procedures and conduction of exams, provided that they meet the following requirements, certified by Pegaso International itself:

  • juridical personality;
  • company CV;
  • statute and official license
  • VAT number or fiscal code
  • administrative and accounting management
  • Accident Insurance Policy